Immortality – E01S02

Imagine a world where no one dies. According to futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson we don’t have to wait that long for it to become reality. With today’s technological advancements our minds will be able to continue working flawlessly before the year of 2050 although our physical body dies.

In this conversation we are discussing what such a reality implicates. What would be the consequences of an ever lasting mind? Who will be using this service and how does that affect humanity as we know it? Are there effects detrimental to our existence and what opportunities does it bring along? Why are we longing for immortality and what would we be using it for? What happens with us when older generations never die...? Can the law keep up with such drastic changes?

For me this topic is mind blowing. It’s difficult to imagine a world where this is reality since everything we know or do is based on the knowledge that we will die one day.

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