Imagine a world

It is when we start opening up our minds that we realize how incredibly systematized and ingrained our ways of thinking are. Listen in to take part in some truly radical thinking and imagine a world where everything is possible.



The normbreaking podcast

This podcast aims to give listeners access to norm-breaking conversations that many of us lack in our everyday life. Let’s be honest, we all surround ourselves with like-minded people and that does not get us questioning our set of values or disrupt our thinking patterns.

In this series of conversations, I am inviting outside the box thinkers, whether it’d be activists, scientists, futurists, innovators, spiritualists or just an intriguing neighbor. I want to understand their perspective and let listeners imagine a world where these ideas/beliefs are part of our everyday life. With as little judgment or preconception as possible – I will ask honest (not smart) questions and acknowledge that without people that refuse to conform, we would get nowhere. 



Who is Olivia? 

I am a typical middle child - a hopeless diplomat with an obsession to understand everyone and where they’re coming from. Born in Sweden, raised partly in France, close to nature, I quickly became passionate about the environment. 

Studied peace and conflict research at Uppsala University in Sweden but mastered in social entrepreneurship at Hult International Business School, nurturing all these interests. 

I deviated a bit from my calling by working at a PR company as project leader in public affairs for two years. Gained a bunch of experiences before moving to Aruba in the Caribbean to co-found a non-profit organization called 109 World. Big bonus - I met my current husband, got pregnant and moved back to Stockholm to start our family life. 

I am now managing my time between working project based with companies I love, being on the board of 109 World and the mother of a wild child. I am navigating this new era trying to be extremely conscious of my career/life choices. This podcast is a way for me to have conversations with inspiring people and stay open to the unknown or uncomfortable.



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